The Bad Batch season two episode 13 review

Season two Episode 13 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch is a slower affair, showing the metaphorical calm before the storm whilst depicting a literal one. It’s also a charming palette cleanser after the dark and depressing episodes of the past two weeks, offering the Batch a look at what life could be like if they retired. 

The episode reintroduces us to Phee, a character that’s been missing since episode five. She’s still the gun toting pirate from the episode, aiming to swipe some treasure from some criminals. The Bad Batch are here as muscle, as on more than one occasion the criminals try to kill Phee, and even try with the centipede monster seen in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. This ends in a fun action sequence, with the group escaping with the treasure and cash.

In hyperspace, Cid calls the group, threatening them with what she knows about them if they don’t come back and work for her. But the thing is, it’s not clear what she does know about them, making this threat seem empty and vague. The show has dropped the ball when it comes to Cid this season, setting up an Imperial invasion of Ord Mantell that hasn’t come to pass, and poorly executing the Bad Batch’s split with her. 

Phee notices this, and takes the Bad Batch to a new planet, Pabu. It’s a fitting name for this planet and episode, meaning fluffball. The episode has a nice and wholesome, fluffy feel to it. Another meaning is paternal aunt, another fitting name. Phee acts as a paternal aunt to Omega, her fun, daring aunt, compared to the stern father figures in the Bad Batch.

Phee suggests that Omega plays with someone her own age, which is something that’s never occurred to the Bad Batch because they never had it. It’s sad to realise that these clones grew up without a childhood, something else which adds to their tragedy. Once planetside, the group sees an island covered in flowers, untouched by Imperial tyranny. 

This island is home to refugees from the Clone War, and those displaced by the Empire. The Batch enjoy themselves for the first time in ages, and Omega gets to play with the Mayor’s daughter Lyana. It’s the paradise Hunter has been searching for to keep Omega safe and give her a chance at a childhood, if he wants to take it. Tech and Phee develop this weird half flirting act, but it doesn’t go anywhere. 

The peace doesn’t last long, and soon tremors hit the island, triggering a tidal wave that threatens lower Pabu. Omega and Lyana are caught at sea, but it never feels like they’re in danger and Hunter easily rescues them. But what’s more compelling, is the threat to lower Pabu. The surge threatens all of the villagers, with this show’s potential for darkness none of them are safe. It’s an inventive third act. 

Surveying the damage, Hunter, Wrecker, Echo and Tech decide to help repair the destroyed homes. It signals their intention to stay long term, and wanting to retire. After all they’ve been through, it’s not unreasonable. Inevitably, they will be drawn back to the fight, but how remains to be seen. 

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