Tales of the Empire Episode 5 Recap

Barriss Offee is tested in her beliefs in the ‘Tales of the Empire’ episode 5 “Realization” when she is sent on her first mission as an Inquisitor, though she discovers she’s not cut out for this life. It’s an alright episode, though Offee’s turn is unsurprising. 

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The episode opens with Offee and the Fourth Sister traveling through hyperspace to the location of a supposed Jedi survivor. Offee is unsure about the intelligence they’re going off, but the Fourth Sister makes it clear to her not to question Imperial information. When they arrive at the planet, they find it war-torn and destroyed, with survivors fleeing at the site of the ship. 

The Clone Wars likely left the planet in this ruin, but it’s not openly stated. Offee questions how the Emperor could allow the people to live like this, but the Fourth Sister isn’t as sympathetic. She says that when the people show loyalty to the Empire, they will be allowed to flourish. As they head further into the hellish landscape, Offee puts on her helmet.  

They make it to a town square, where Offee sees the citizens living in squalor. The Fourth Sister demands to know where the Jedi is, but the Governor says there is no Jedi. Offee does her own investigation, and questions a frightened young child where the Jedi is. The Fourth Sister attempts to convince everyone of the dangers the Jedi pose but to no avail. 

To get through to the child, Offee takes off her helmet, showing that she’s not a scary monster. The Fourth Sister continues the typical Imperial threatening approach but with no success. Offee encourages the child to tell her the truth, and the child tells Offee the Jedi is hiding in the mountains. Offee relays this to the Fourth Sister, who blocks the exit in rage and slaughters everyone present. Offee saves the child and tells them not to look back.    

Offee questions the Fourth Sister’s slaughter, saying that creating fear will turn the people against the Empire. The Fourth Sister, committed to Imperial doctrine, says that those people were already against the Empire, and those who witnessed their strength will respect it, conveniently leaving out the fact that the Fourth Sister would have left no one at the village alive to witness the slaughter had Offee not saved the child.  

As the pair climb a cliff in the dark, Offee warns the Fourth Sister of an incoming rockfall. The Fourth Sister jumps out of the way, but doesn’t return to help Offee climb the cliff when she is struck, a clear indication of how loyal the Empire actually are to its own. When Offee finally reaches the clifftop, the Fourth Sister and the Jedi are already fighting. The Fourth Sister is eventually kicked to the ground, and Offee steps in to save her. 

Barriss Offee tries to convince an unnamed Jedi to surrender to the Empire. Image Credit: LucasFilm/Disney+.

While dueling, Offee tries to reach out to the Jedi, telling her to surrender, and that the Jedi are gone. The Jedi resists this call, and it’s only when Offee asks if she’s tired of running, that the Jedi lays down their arms. But for the Fourth Sister, this surrender isn’t enough, who stabs the Jedi through the chest. Offee wants to save the Jedi, but the Fourth Sister ignores this, saying the Jedi are a threat to be eradicated wherever they’re found. This prompts Offee to turn on the Fourth Sister, pushing her off the cliff with the Force. 

Offee takes off her helmet, dropping it off the cliff. She runs back to the dying Jedi, promising to save her, and that she’s not alone. It’s here the episode ends. It’s a poignant ending to the episode, if not predictable.

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