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Star Trek Las Vegas this August Confirms over 160 Guests Including William Shatner

Star Trek Las Vegas (ST-LV) will return to Nevada this summer for the 58th convention, and over the four days will see over 160 guests from the ‘Star Trek’ canon of films and shows. 

Headlining the guests is William Shatner, Captain Kirk himself, from the original series of ‘Star Trek’ released back in the 1966s. 

Other actors that will appear are Anson Mount, Captain Christopher Pike from ‘Star Trek: Stranger New Worlds’, Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut, Sydney La Forge from ‘Star Trek: Picard’, Brent Spiner, Data from ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’, Gates McFadden, Dr Beverly Crusher, from ‘Next Generation’, Jonathan Frakes, William Riker from ‘Next Generation’ Tawny Newsome, Ensign Beckett Mariner from ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ and many others. 

Not all guests will be available for all the four days of the convention, but it’s possibile to check availability and see slots on the ST-LV website

The event will run from August 1 until August 4. 

Throughout the four days, hosts Creation Entertainment will hold presentations to take fans behind-the-scenes of the nearly sixty years of ‘Star Trek’.

On Thursday, there will be panels from IDW comic writers Scott & David Tipton on adapting Forever Man Harlan Ellison’s scipt to the comics,, ‘Star Trek: Resurgence’ head writer Dan Martin,on the best and worst ‘Star Trek’ games, and ‘Next Generation’ composer Jay Chattaway alongside ‘Strange New Worlds’ composer Nami Melumad and ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ composer Chris Westlake talk about their experiences finding the perfect sound for the franchise.  

By far the most exciting panel for fans is the one hosted by Daren Dochterman, associate producer of ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Director’s Edition’ talking about its 45th anniversary and the making of the film. 

On Friday, panels include Brian Volk-Weiss looking back at the history of ‘Star Trek’ toys,  

‘Andromeda’ excutive producer Jay Firestone, its showrunner Robert Hewitt Wolfe, and writers Ashley E. Miller and Deric Hughes talk with ‘Earth: Final Conflict’ writer and story editor Gabrielle Stanton and Lisa Klink about Gene Roddenberry’s other science fiction stories, and a ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ writer’s room reunion with showrunner Brannon Braga and writers Bryan Fuller, Lisa Klink, Andre Bormanis, and Michael Sussman.

Saturday sees plenty of anniversary reunions – the 40th anniversary for ‘Star Trek III: The Search for Spock’ with producer Ralph Winter, star Robin Curtis and Leonard Nimoy’s personal assistant Kirk Thatcher. 

‘Star Trek V: The Final Frontier’ has its 35th anniversary panel with cast members Laurence Luckinbill, Cynthia Gouw, and producer Ralph Winter. 

Finally, ‘Star Trek: Generations’ has its 30th anniversary panel director David Carson and screenwriters Ronald D. Moore and Brannon Braga talk about the film. 

On Sunday, the last day of ST-LV, writers across ‘Star Trek’ writers like Onitra Johnson from ‘Strange New Worlds’, Rober Hewitt Wolfe and Gabrielle Stanton from ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’, Lisa Klink from ‘Star Trek Voyager’ Jesse Alexander from ‘Star Trek: Discovery’, David A. Goodman ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’, Christopher Monfette from ‘Picard’ and others join to discuss their experiences writing for the franchise.

Another panel that ‘Star Trek’ fans will want to catch is the hosts of Star Trek: The Next Conversation, Matt Mira & Andrew Secunda, sitting down with ‘Star Trek: Picard season three showrunner, Terry Matalas and season three writers Christopher Monfette and Matt Okumura to talk about the legacy of the show. 

This is just a handful of panels audiences can expect during the four day convention, with a full list on the ST-LV website.

Plenty of vendors will be present at the event, providing fans with opportunities to buy ‘Star Trek’ merchandise. 

Tickets are available right now for fans to purchase and who would like to go to the event, with the website also listing nearby hotels.

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