Star Trek gets first Eisner Award Nomination

Star Trek has received its first Eisner Award nomination for the first time in its nearly 60 year history.

IDW’s Star Trek #400, edited by Heather Antos, has been nominated for the Best Single Issue/One-Shot category.

The issue, which celebrated the 400th Star Trek release from IDW Publishing, was about Wesley Crusher, and came from the mind of the Star Trek: The Next Generation star Will Wheaton.

It also featured contributions from Chris Eliopoulos, Mike Johnson, Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, Declan Shalvey, Angel Hernandez, and others.

Star Trek, the ongoing series by Kelly, Lanzing and Ramon Rosanas, has been nominated for Best New Series.

In a statement to, Antos, who is Ground Editor, Licensing at IDW said: “Words literally cannot describe how humbling it is for these two books to be recognized for the first time in franchise history by the industry at large for these two very competitive categories.”

She continued, and said that from its very inception Star Trek has been about pushing different mediums and exploring the depths of human potential.

“[It] is just incredible validation for what we’re trying to accomplish in bringing quality Star Trek stories to comics fans,” she added.

The Eisner Awards are announced annually at San-Diego Comic Con in July.

The ongoing Star Trek series from IDW is being treated as canon, and fills the gap between Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Nemesis.

Another comic series, Star Trek: Defiant, launched earlier in 2023. It will crossover with the ongoing Star Trek comic in the first ever crossover event called Day of Blood this summer.

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