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Star Trek: Fleet Command Celebrates Five Year Anniversary

Star Trek: Fleet Command is a strategy PC and mobile game where players take on the role of a StarFleet commander. Players must build up their base, and protect it, to gain influence within a sector. Players also make alliances with other players. Star Trek: Fleet Command has PVE (Player vs. Environment) missions as well as PVP (Player vs. Player) modes. Characters from Deep Space Nine, Strange New Worlds, and The Next Generation are also recruitable allies.

Star Trek: Fleet Command was launched in 2018. To celebrate five years, the team at Scopely announced a three month event back in September. This included in-game credits that count as raffle tickets in this first sweepstakes contest. Winners were granted a private screening of Star Trek: First Contact. The second sweepstakes allowed the grand prize winner to create an avatar of themselves within the game. 

A video titled “From Launch to Legacy – 5 Years of Star Trek: Fleet Command” was also uploaded to the official YouTube channel. The devs discuss their inspirations for starting and plans for the future. There’s a livestream replay available on YouTube titled “5th Year Anniversay Kickoff” where David Eckelberry and Mike Johnson discuss how decisions were made over the years in further detail.

The tutorial starts by introducing players to iconic characters Geordi La Forge, Troi, and eventually Data. The combat and base building are pretty standard mechanics for those familiar with mobile games. This makes Fleet Commander easy to pick up. While players are independent lore wise, the game does push them into an Alliance near the end of its tutorial.

There are also battle pass events running from November 7th to 27th. These missions involve Captain Picard and other characters from The Next Generation. These battle pass events allow players to recruit new officers available for that month, ship blueprints, etc. There are daily special events that give rewards for both the free and paid paths. What players might be interested in are the 10 anniversary credits for the last anniversary sweepstakes. At the end of the battle pass cycle two grand prize winners will get a fully functional Borg themed PC. There’s also a lot of cool merch prizes. 

Star Trek: Fleet Command is easy to learn, completing missions and moving to the next is fast, and there’s plenty of incentive to start now. Or dust off an old account for players who haven’t logged in for some time. There’s a nice blend of nostalgia mixed with a new experience whether a player is a long time or returning fan of the Star Trek franchise. Using that familiarity, Fleet Command is a good doorway into strategy games.

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