Star Trek: Enterprise’ Season four showrunner Manny Coto dies aged 62

On July 9, 2023, Manny Coto, who wrote seasons three and four of ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’, died aged 62.

He died after a 13-month battle with pancreatic cancer, and passed away while at home with loved ones.

Coto joined the ‘Star Trek’ prequel series ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ for season three, and co-wrote 14 episodes.

For season four, the show’s final season, he would become the showrunner, which some people consider as the best season.

Coto was born in 1961, in Havana Cuba, but would eventually move to America and attended the American Film Institute.

Other shows that Coto worked on include ‘24’, ‘American Horror Story’ and ‘Dexter’.

Enterprise co-creator and executive producer Brannon Braga posted a tribute on Instagram, saying:

“Manny Coto passed away. I’m posting a cover from his pulp fiction magazine collection because we spent many hours in his beloved “pulp room” talking about science fiction stories.

“The issue pictured here was among his favourites because it contained the first printing of John W Campbell’s Who Goes There which became a movie called The Thing. Manny loved reading genre fiction and he was a master at writing it.

“I learned so much from Manny and consider myself one of the lucky people who got to know and work with him. I will miss his imagination and generosity and most of all, his laugh. RIP Manny Coto.”

Another tribute came from the official ‘Star Trek’ page, with an article dedicated to Coto’s contributions to the franchise.

Outside of ‘Star Trek’, Russell T Davies, the showrunner for ‘Doctor Who’ also posted a tribute to Instagram, saying:

“Manny Coto (1961-2023) Cuban-born American writer and producer. He worked on Star Trek, 24, and a great, mad series I loved called Odyssey 5.

“I never knew him, but he’s one of those names; when his credit would pop up, I’d think, ooh this’ll be good. And what more do you want, as a writer? Well played, Manny! ♥️”

His family said Coto’s “love of Star Trek permeated his life and his worldview.”

They stated: “In addition to being well-known for a spot-on William Shatner impression that left his writing staffs in stitches, he believed in the promise of the future and the boundless potential of mankind.”

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