Sci-Fi Shows Anime Fans Should Indulge In

Science fiction is the craze these days and it appears everyone among all ages seems to enjoy
this genre, whether it’s with films, comics, or anime. There are several science fiction anime
shows, but there are some underrated or not-often-mentioned shows that need more attention
from viewers. Between the thrill of violence, terrifying creatures, and the intensity of various
scientific elements makes this genre exciting. Some thrilling anime to keep in mind are listed

Psycho-Pass is a highly rated cyberpunk thriller produced by Production I.G. that revolves
around a dystopian future where citizens are constantly being monitored by a government
system, which is invading the privacy of people’s emotions, desires, and mental state. The
system scans every citizen to determine their criminal past or if they even think about
committing a crime. While this series ran only seven years, a movie was released in 2023
known as Psycho-Pass Providence.

Another thrilling sci-fi anime that seems to be a ‘hidden gem’ is Guilty Crown, a 2011 futuristic
series about a high school boy named Shu Ouma who gains the ability known as ‘Power of the
King’ to extract items known as ‘Voids’ from people. The show takes place in Japan in the year
of 2029, where meteorites have crashed, releasing a lethal Apocalyptic virus. This causes a
state of emergency, and the military is sent in to restore order. This one was also produced by
Production I.G.

Last but not least, let’s talk about Kaiju No.8, an anime revolving around a 32-year-old man
named Kafka Hibino who turns into a monster and wants to fulfill his childhood dream of
destroying them. Growing up, he always aspired to join the Defense Corpse to kill giant
monsters – known in Japan as kaiju. He even makes a pact with his childhood friend Mina
Ashiro, but it seems his dreams may be more complicated than anticipated.

These anime are highly-rated and are encouraged to be viewed by those who have an eye for
science fiction.

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