Sci-Fi Horror Fans Will Want To Check Out This Upcoming Film

A new science-fiction thriller film is set to release this summer that will have fans on the
edge of their seats, leaving them squirming from intense circumstances. Lumina is an upcoming
film set to release in July 2024, and it’s a perfect thrill ride for the audience that are huge fans of
aliens. It follows four friends in desperate search for their friend Tatianna, who is the girlfriend of
the main protagonist Alex. When spontaneous bright lights appear out of nowhere, she gets
abducted and the group has to find her whereabouts, and it’s uncertain if they’ll find her alive or

Goldove Pictures

After months of Tatianna’s disappearance, Alex’s mental state spirals out of control and
the search becomes an even bigger desperation, causing Alex to reach out to conspiracy
theorists for he believes she was taken by unknown entities, or aliens, and taken to a DUMB – a
deep underground military base. Convinced this is the case, he talks his friends into going on an
exploration to find his girlfriend, but the situation is much more dire than anticipated, and Alex
doesn’t realize it until the fate of his friends, and himself, are on the line.

The film is directed by Gino McKoy and part of the Goldove Entertainment production
company. Due to language, scary situations, and violent content, Lumina will be rated R and will
be released in theaters on July 12th, 2024. It is the perfect film for those who love conspiracy
theories, aliens, and a good thrill to keep you guessing.

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