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Resonance Sci-Fi Thriller That Is Both Charming And Frustrating In Turns

Resonance is a point and click sci-fi thriller. Despite the game’s global plot, the story remains tightly focused on four people. They are drawn together by the death of a particle scientist whose research could be used for destructive purposes. Its retro style fits the noir storytelling so well that after a while the pixelated sprites don’t stand out as much. The atmosphere is tense throughout since things are set in motion right away. It constantly feels like a “game over” screen is seconds away. 


Each character feels realistic, at least for what we’re given of their backstories. Anna has the stronger connection to Javier Morales, the victim, so she feels the most rounded out. All four characters get their own sections before being thrown together. At that point the game does become a little complex. Players will need to use everyone so all dialogue options, and respective clues, are found. Characters will need to be switched constantly because no one has all the memories or skills needed to progress. Puzzles appear impossible to complete until the game inexplicably abandons this mechanic.

While the story ultimately works, a major downside is just how much depends on things that are never explained. On multiple occasions an event creates distrust or offers a convenient solution and then Resonance continues on its merry way. Luckily, if this leads to a character dying the game has no perma-death. The game’s interface often led to more frustration than ambiguous or no explanations. It often felt slow to respond to dragging and dropping. An important aspect since the game’s conversation system hinges on a character’s “short term memory”; an abstract inventory system with information unique to what each character witnesses.

Resonance has enough to satisfy that nostalgia itch for those who grew up on adventure games. The puzzles and new mechanics add challenging elements that feel modern enough to also satisfy new fans. The poorly explained aspects and characters who are sometimes treated as flat NPCs, even in their sections, are admittedly disappointing. Though Resonance does have replay value. Seeing the same scenes but picking up on the foreshadowing adds another interesting layer to the story. Pick this one up if you’re in need of some old school charm without pixel-hunting.

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