Picard Season 3 Trailer Reaction

Article by Kieran Burt.

The long wait for the Picard season three teaser is finally over with Paramount releasing the first trailer showing footage of the new season, in time for Star Trek day. It shows the returning crew members, and shows the conflict that the season will be dealing with. 

The first few shots show Beverly Crusher’s ship being boarded by an unknown enemy. Gates McFadden makes her triumphant return to the role, managing to send a distress beacon to Picard, but she is captured. Picard’s efforts to find Crusher looks to drive the season, with the rest of the crew coming to help.

Voiceover from Crusher confirms this, as Picard receives the distress call and states that he needs to find Crusher’s ship, which appears to be a new design. Hopefully Picard doesn’t go to the Federation for help, as the audience witnesses one of their buildings being destroyed, sucked into the ground by some sort of bomb.

While the Federation do have their problems, Picard still has his friends in the institution. A huge space station can be seen, orbiting Earth, showing the huge presence the Federation has in the galaxy, and will have in the show. The next shot is of Raffi, and shows her in what looks like the depths of a city, not dissimilar to what was shown a few shots ago. Raffi actor Michelle Hurd explained that through Raffi Picard Season three “will explore, like never before, the underbelly of Star Trek.”  This is one that is rarely spent in Star Trek, so this will be a new experience. 

The next few shots reveal Troy, Worf and Geordi, though Brent Spiner is noticeably absent. It’s still unknown who he is playing, and it looks like the show wishes to keep that a secret for now. 

Riker says hello beautiful, though it’s not clear what he’s talking about. There is a brief cut to black, implying that a misdirect is going on. The next few shots show Commander Seven, aboard the new USS Titan-A, blasting off into a new adventure. The trailer then reveals the date the show will release, February 16, 2023. Audiences won’t have to wait long for this adventure to begin.  

Kieran Burt

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