My Hero Academia’s New Releases Brings Excitement to the World of Anime

The wildly popular anime My Hero Academia has been on top of new releases and exciting new updates,
pleasing the fans all around the world. With their seasons being released shortly after the previous ones,
and new movies making a debut often, it’s safe to say the studio Bones has no issue catering to the
hardcore fans of the show. My Hero Academia has only been around since 2016, yet is constantly coming
out with new seasons and movies.

What’s currently up the sleeves of the studio behind this anime is that they just released season seven on
May 4th, 2024, and focuses on the battle against Tomura Shigaraki and All For One, and picks up where
the sixth season left off. For those that need a recap, season six ended on a cliffhanger, with the USA hero
‘Star and Stripe’ being introduced and arriving in Japan to assist Deku and his friends for a brutal battle.

Shortly after the release of season seven, Bones studio will be releasing a new movie to Japanese theaters
as of August 2024, My Hero Academia: You’re Next, though it’s uncertain when the movie will be
released internationally. It will be the fourth movie in the franchise, and will be based around the same
timeline as season seven and rumored to reveal the name of a new villain. From what is seen in the
trailer, the movie will be darker than the series itself, and will contain intense and epic visuals, colors, and
art direction. With this information, it’s exciting to know what the fight scenes will look like and how it
will capture the attention of the audience.

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