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Metroid Prime 4: Beyond Finally Gets An Exciting New Trailer

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond was announced at E3 in 2017 and a trailer has just been released. It’s not the only game coming in 2025. The trailer is a welcome relief to fans of the series. It had an arduous development cycle with the original developers, Retro Studios, being handed the project. There have been some rumors about Beyond arriving on the Switch’s “successor”, but that was denied by Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter . 

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The trailer shows players can scan their environment. Players will also have a third person view as a ball. Beyond’s graphics are a promising look at what can be achieved with the current Switch’s hardware. Retro Studios tweeted a message that they were looking forward to revealing what they’ve been working on. There’s still a wait to get more details on what’s new and Beyond’s story, but the studio’s confidence is good to see. 

There were extra clips of a jungle environment found on a Japanese teaser website. It showed open areas, lush trees, and waterfalls. The official trailer also showed off a main antagonist that made two previous appearances. Not much is known about the character so Beyond may finally put to rest long standing questions. With the game’s release so far away this is the perfect time to catch up on the Metroid franchise.

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