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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 game story trailer reaction

“Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” is fast approaching its October release date. As part of their panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Insomniac has released a trailer showcasing the other big bad of the game, Venom. It’s an action-packed trailer with some fantastic moments.

A moment that wasn’t in the trailer but is worth mentioning is that the game takes place ten months after “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales”. Creative Director Brian Intihar confirmed this in an interview with Press Start and cleared up any confusion. He also mentioned that Miles and Peter “are a great team.”

The trailer starts with a monologue from Harry Osborne, who audiences last saw in a coma being experimented on by his father, Norman Osborne. It seems like Harry has recovered, but how is unclear how yet.

Peter introduces Harry to Miles, who becomes worried it will affect his Spider-Man tutoring. It looks like Spider-Man’s life will be thrown into chaos again, even more so once Kraven arrives on the scene with his private army. Gunships arrive, accompanied by Kraven’s theme. Peter fights a man dressed as a bear in what looks like a mini-boss fight.

MJ has to look into Kraven for Peter, with an excellent updated character model. It looks like Norman will get attacked. In one shot he’s surrounded by military goons and an escaped Symbiote, likely Venom. It’s unlikely Norman himself will play the menace, but he might, even for a short time.

But at some point, it latches onto Peter Parker, where it begins to corrupt him. He’s acting differently around Miles, more aggressive, and he even stalks MJ. This is a terrifying moment, which will have even more tension in the game. Miles has to save him. He will likely be the key. Hopefully, there’s a Peter versus Miles boss fight at some point because that would be amazing.

Just after this, Venom shows up. And he is ripped. He destroys one of Kraven’s gunships and jumps into the frame, an incredible shot. If players can use him for part of the game that would be awesome. There is a lot of speculation about who Venom is. It’s probably going to be Peter for some of the game, but who becomes the Venom host after him isn’t clear. The two candidates are Harry and Kraven, and due to Venom’s more muscly nature, it’s likely Kraven.

To close out the trailer there is a shot of the white spider on the red background being infused with the symbiote. It’s very cool. This leads nicely into the reveal of a PS5 “Spider-Man 2” console and controller, which look very well designed with the tendrils taking over the red.

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