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Marvel Studios announces I Am Groot season two with a trailer

Marvel Studios have announced that ‘I Am Groot’ will have a second season of shorts, coming to Disney+ on September 6.

There will be five brand-new shorts, each centering on Groot going on a different adventure.

A new trailer teasing the shorts was also released.

This minute-long clip showed Groot getting up to all kinds of mischief, with him being transfixed by an intergalactic ship selling a variety of treats and attempting to make a hot chocolate.

Along the way, he can be heard yelling “I am Groot!” in a loveable and cute fashion, with bright and colorful music in the background.

The Watcher from ‘What If…?’ makes an unexpected appearance in the trailer, hinting at a role in the show.

Marvel Studios also unveiled a brand new poster, featuring Groot with a bird-like creature nesting in his head.

While Marvel Studios hasn’t confirmed how long each short will be, it’s likely that they will only be a few minutes long like season one.

Vin Diesel once again voices the character. Kirsten Lepore has returned to write and direct the new episodes, with Craig Rittenbaum and Alex Scharf handling production.

The first season of ‘I Am Groot’ was released on August 10, 2022, and had five shorts following the character.

It featured him finding a tiny race of aliens, creating a picture for Rocket, and launching a dancing alien out of the airlock.

A review from SciFiction said they were cute, chuckle-worthy, and would inoffensively fill ten minutes of an audience member’s time.

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