LEGO 75391 Captain Rex Y-Wing Microfighter Set Review

LEGO has been slowly givng many characters across the ‘Star Wars’ Saga their own Microfighter sets, and, in the June wave, they focused on one of the most popular characters from ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ paired with one of the most requested set – the 501st Y-Wing. And while the Microfighter format is slightly disappointing, it’s hard to deny the excitment that fans will get from getting an amazing rendition of Phase Two Captain Rex. LEGO did not provide the set for reivew. 

Photo Credit: Kieran Burt

Starting with the box, the background is nicely detailed with the scrap planet Bracca, paying homage to the another animated series the 501st Y-Wing appeared in, ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’. It’s a good acknowledgement of where the ship has showed up, without drawing any attention away.  

Looking at the figure itself, Captain Rex. He’s the same figure as the one that appeared in the LEGO UCS Venator, which costs $650. So the fact that fans are getting a premium figure for $12.99 is phenomenal. There is a fabric shoulder pauldron, printed arms, legs and torso, though no waist cape. This is the only complaint, and it’s not a huge one. There are several accessories this comes with four visors and four antennas. It is admittedly very fidly to put the antenna onto Rex’s helmet. 

Photo Credit: Kieran Burt

While there may be some fans disappointed that a prior exclusive to a UCS set is now available at an accessible price, that outlook ignores the popularity of the character. Many fans can’t afford the high price point, and so are locked out from ever owning the character, which something that should be avoided where possible. 

This figure is extremely versatile, and fits in with with a variety of other sets for a fun scene. For example, the LEGO BARC Speeder comes with two Phase Two 501st Clones to pair with Captain Rex, or the LEGO 332nd Ahsoka’s Clone Trooper Battle Pack comes with four 332nd Clones for a cheap Siege of Mandalore scene. 

Photo Credit: Kieran Burt

The set is 99 pieces in total, and the set number is 75391. The Y-Wing itself measures over 1 in. (2 cm) high, 4.5 in. (11 cm) long and 3 in. (8 cm) wide. And it is a cute, Chibi-style rendition of the ship, with 2 stud launchers as play features. There is a nice ratio of studs left visible versus covered up, making this a pleasing set it look at.

The ship fits well in the hand, making it very swooshable. It’s fun to fly around, though it’s a shame it’s not a full sized play set. To nitpick somethings, the Y-Wing is missing the gunner’s bubble and the astromech port, but these will have been removed so the fit the smaller brief. 

Photo Credit: Kieran Burt

With all of that said though, for fans of ‘The Clone Wars’ and LEGO, this is an absolute must buy. It’s easy access to a popular premium figure. The build, while not exceptional and something that can be done quickly, is an enjoyable activity to put Rex into. It’s a blast to finally have the iconic Captain in an easy-to-buy format. LEGO have met what they set out to do, and really, there’s nothing more to ask from them.

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