Halo Season 2 Episode 1 Summary

Written by: Frank Reed

As we dive into Season 2 of Halo, the series takes you straight into the action taking
place on Reach at Sanctuary. Here the Covenant have put boots on the ground instead
of just glassing the planet with plasma as per their usual protocol.

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As USNC troops and
Spartans are trying to evacuate the village the USNC troops face backlash from some
of the elder villagers about leaving specifically the shaman. They claim to the USNC
troops the place has its on soul and do not want to leave even as Covenant drop ships
circle above. Bravo team goes missing on a nearby ridge whilst another team of
Spartans spot some anomalous activity on a nearby mountainside. Master chief heads
out to try and locate bravo team only to find Covenant soldiers on the ground known as
Elites. A vicious firefight ensues between bravo team, Master chief and the Covenant
troops on the ground. Bravo team casualties start to mount up even as Master chief
fights ferociously and valiantly to protect them. At the last minute as he is trying to help
Rodrigez of bravo team he suddenly finds himself surrounded by covenant troops and

overwhelmed. With no help or hope in sight the Elite Covenant troops with energy
swords lit suddenly pull back as plasma cannons rain down with no remorse and
glassing of the planet begins. The planet is evacuated as quickly as possible. As master
chief makes a deal to go locate the Covenant responsible for the vicious attacks USNC
troops locate a ship abandoned with unknown cargo and mount a team to go explore
the ship. While on the ship Soren-066 is arrested for extortion, piracy and treason.
Season 2 episode 1 wraps up with Master chief realizing and sensing something is
missing and not right with him, he knows Cortana has been removed from him months
prior. All in all I think this I one of my personal favorite episodes. It is action packed and
full of Halo goodness. Some of the shots in the opening sequences on Reach are pure
art. What a great start to Season 2!

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