Gen V episode 5 recap – Memory loss


Episode five of ‘Gen V,’ “Welcome to The Monster Club” picks up where the surprising end of episode four leaves off. Andre with Cate wake up and are unsure about what happened. They walk in on Jordan and Marie, who get dressed. The pair exclaim that neither knows what happened and they’re unsure of where they are.

Emma wakes up in the pool, still giant. Inside, Jordan and Andre attempt to piece everything together, and Jordan reveals there are days they don’t remember. All of them are confused. On TikTok, Emma and Marie watch Jordan and Marie making out, and Emma getting big and flashing herself. She reveals to Marie that her mom made her swear never to do it again, as it embarrassed her.

Sam shows up and tries to apologize for trying to kill Doctor Cardosa. But he only gets blank looks from Emma and Marie and realizes they don’t remember him. Marie tells them that they don’t know each other, and Sam sighs as he says they made Emma and Marie forget him. Sam runs away.

Outside, the group talks. Andre and Cate explain that they don’t remember the past week. Marie explains that there was a kid who showed up, but she didn’t know him. Jordan says that she might have known him before someone made her forget Sam. Cate says that Rufus might have made everyone forget, as he was at the party.

In The Woods, Cardosa explains to Indira that Sam attacked his family, and that he wants out of the project. Indira pressures him not to quit, saying babying psychopaths and cutting up Supes isn’t a skill that won’t shine on his LinkedIn profile. It’s also revealed Cardosa is developing a virus to control Supes. Cardosa says he wants to cut up Marie, as she is extremely powerful, but Indira says she’s off limits due to the protection of a mysterious benefactor.

Back at the house, the group of students are figuring out what to do about Rufus. Cate reveals a harrowing story about Rufus, saying that when she met him he raped Cate and mind tricked her into consenting. Andre doesn’t take well to this and disappears.

Jordan and Emma chat about their relationship on campus, saying it doesn’t need to be weird and that it doesn’t matter because Rufus mind-raped them anyway. Marie can’t get a word in, but likely wanted to say she feels something too. They spot Rufus talking to Indira. Jordan wants to intervene straightaway, but Marie holds him back, saying she doesn’t trust Indira. Rufus spots the pair when Indira leaves, and runs away. Marie and Jordan give chase. Rufus runs back to his room, losing them, but finds Andre waiting for him.

He chokes Rufus and demands to know what’s going on. Rufus goes into his mind, sending Andre to a fast-food chain. Andre leaves, annoyed. Emma and Marie return to their rooms and talk about Marie’s relationship with Jordan, pushing her to accept it. Emma finds a shirt that reminds her of Sam.

The camera cuts to Sam, alone in the cinema. He’s plagued by voices, saying that he can’t run. A helicopter flies overhead, dropping off soldiers to capture Sam. Sam sees them all as puppets, and brutally murders all of them. Sam walks off.

Marie and Emma continue to discuss Sam. Emma wants to go and find him, to see what’s going on. Marie is scratching her neck, at first unknowingly, but then says she feels a blood clot inside of her. She explodes it, revealing a tracker. She immediately goes to Cate, saying everything is messed up and that Indira is in on what’s happening. Cate worries she has one inside of her too. Marie checks, but can’t find one, making Marie suspicious of Cate. Cate apologizes for what she’s about to do and then mind-wipes Marie.

Outside, Jordan is talking about her feelings for Marie to Maverick, who gives her some really sweet advice, though inadvertently reveals he hangs out in the toilets, watching both men and women. When Marie walks out of Cate’s room, Jordan confronts her. She admits her feelings for Marie, referring to their conversation earlier. Marie is confused, not remembering the conversation. They begin to piece together what’s going on.

Cate is in Indira’s office, crying that she can’t keep mind-wiping her friends. She’s upset and pleads with Indira that they will find out eventually. Indira hugs Cate, and says that she helps people, as that’s her gift. She thanks Cate for trying, and that she’s the only one who can keep her friends safe.

Emma meets Sam at an abandoned burger shack. She explains that doesn’t know who Sam is, but believes someone made her forget Sam. Sam replies that she used to do that to Luke, which confuses Emma. Sam is referring to Cate, not Rufus. Cate goes to hang out with Andre, and the pair watch TV. Jordan texts Andre that they’ve found Rufus.

Jordan and Marie confront Rufus. He pleads that he isn’t responsible for mind-wiping them, and says that he couldn’t have wiped Marie’s memory, as his powers only work up close. Emma calls Marie and tells her what’s happening. Andre storms in on a warpath, and Marie and Jordan try to get him to stop, saying it was actually Cate. Cate walks in and confesses. Andre calls Cate a monster and walks off, leaving Cate upset. And that’s where the episode ends until next week.

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