Gen V episode 4 – In comes the Knight


Picking up where last week’s explosive ending left off, Emma and Sam escape The Woods (and kill several guards, which would have been nice to see). Indira demands to know what happened but the scientist Cardosa isn’t sure. Looking near a drainpipe, Indira finds a tiny shoe, implying Emma’s involvement.

Marie and the others are searching for Emma. They find the tracker in a field. Andre claims that he had to do something, but Marie points out that he did nothing. Jordan complains about the new rankings until Andre tells them to shut up. At an abandoned cinema, Emma wakes up, and talks to Sam. She reveals that Luke is dead, causing Sam to lash out.

A Vought+ trailer for detective Tek Knight introduces the man and his show, The Whole Truth. He will be filming at Godolkin University, and investigating Golden Boy’s death. He meets with Indira, who questions his reputation. Indira claims she has nothing to hide, but Knight reveals he knows about The Woods, and that it’s his job to prevent that from getting out. So he will blame an innocent student for Golden Boy’s death. Indira warns him not to go after the top five. Knight asks to interview Sam but is swiftly denied. Knight senses why.

Cate opens her door to a high Andre, who apologizes for sending Emma alone. Andre admits his dad knows about The Woods, and that he’s deeply upset. On campus, Marie meets Rufus, a psychic, and asks for help. Jordan sees this. In return, Rufus asks for a sexual favor but says he’s only joking when Marie walks off. When Rufus says he needs a stronger connection to see Emma, she reluctantly sits next to him, and he explains that Emma is with someone.

Marie blacks out, and wakes up tied to a chair. She and Rufus are in his room, and Rufus is in his dressing gown with his dick out, which disgusts her. She causes blood to rush to it, making it bigger, until it explodes. Jordan breaks down the door and helps Marie. They ask what Marie was thinking asking Rufus for help, and Marie says she can’t stay idle. The two argue, and Jordan warns Marie that Tek Knight is on campus and that he will mess her up.

Tek Knight interviews the students. He asks Andre why Golden Boy killed himself, to which he says that he didn’t know. Polarity slanders Golden Boy, so Andre defends him. Knight pressures Jordan and alludes to Jordan’s and Brink’s close relationship. When talking to Cate, he asks if she’s angry at Golden Boy, and why she switched to Hero Management. Cate says she was going to be Golden Boy’s manager and that they were going to spend their lives together. In a question to Andre, Knight exposes Cate and Andre’s relationship. Andre storms off.

Emma returns to normal size, and she and Sam joke about some of their issues. Sam admits he’s still upset about Luke’s death, and that he thinks Emma will leave. The two get closer until Sam walks.

In Hero Branding class, Marie is questioned about Emma’s absence. She makes several obvious lies. Tek Knight joins as a guest and selects Marie so he can demonstrate some interrogation tactics. They talk about Golden Boy’s rampage, and Marie walks him through the day. She makes a small lie about why she wanted to talk to Brink on that day, which Tek Knight spots, and then breaks everything down. He forces Marie to admit that she didn’t stop Luke, Jordan did.

At the end of class, Indira complements Tek Knight’s abilities but says that she wanted the Top five students left out of his investigation. Knight says digging for the truth is a rush, even better than sex, so he got carried away. He says that he can’t pin Golden Boy’s death on any of the kids, so he’ll pin it on Indira, revealing he knows Sam escaped.

In the cinema, Same has a mental episode. On the TV he imagines a host and puppet talking, saying that Vought will find him. They’ll hurt Emma, and it will be Sam’s fault. Sam says he will protect her, but the TV responds that the only way to stop things is if Sam kills Cardosa. Emma wants to know what’s happening. Sam says he won’t let the voices get to him and rockets away.

Indira and Tek Knight meet in a wood to show him a brain scan. Knight has a fatal tumor that’s the cause of his unusual issues. She then shows him a series of videos of him putting his dick in holes. Knight is ashamed and asks what Indira wants. Indira wants Knight to report that there’s nothing wrong at Godolkin, and he will leave the campus.

In a final cut of his show, Knight admits that he couldn’t find a motive for Golden Boy’s death. The hole puns are more obvious now, throughout Knight’s dialogue and even the show’s name, The Whole Truth.

Cardosa arrives home and finds his family taken hostage by Sam. He tries to reason with Sam, but he’s in the middle of a mental episode, calling them all puppets. He goes to attack Cardosa. Andre blocks him with a fridge. He accuses Andre and Marie of being with Vought, after all, they did capture him. Emma tries to reason with Sam until Andre interrupts by asking about his problem. This tips Sam over the edge and he starts attacking everyone. Emma runs off to eat food, causing her to get large. She pins Sam to the ground.

Everyone blacks out. Marie wakes up in bed with Jordan, setting up a mystery for next week.

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