Everything Revealed In The Warhammer 40K Preview Show

In the latest Warhammer 40k Preview Show, they showed off new battleforces and locations. There’s new winged fighters, codexes, and a campaign book expansion. Mechanicum fans may be pleased to know they’re getting new plastic kits as well. Some of these kits won’t be released until later this year though. That doesn’t take away from hype as the models look dramatic and their details are great.

  1. Adepta Sororitas 

The battle sisters are receiving a new Canoness kit, a new Combat Patrol box, a Battleforce box, and codex. The Canoness is equipped with a jetpack, a hand flamer and a power weapon that can be replaced with a two-handed blessed halberd or holy eviscerator. She also has three head options – wearing a hood or respirator, or with her hair whipping in the wind. The Battleforce box comes with fifteen winged elites that can be armed with pistols or power swords. In true Warhammer fashion, they’ll be backed up by an Exorcist tank; a vehicle mounted with an organ that shoots missiles while playing hymns. The codex will include four new detachments, revised Crusade rules for characters to become living saints, updated character sheets, mini galleries, rules for the new Combat Patrol, and lore. 

  1. Genestealer Cults

The Genestealers are getting the Benefictus, capable of sending out a psy-beam to rival a lascannon. They can also affect nearby enemies through psychic shockwaves. This unit will also come with its own codex that details rules on the Benefictus, both minor and major cults, datasheets, five detachments, and the Biosantic Bloodsurge which lends its name to the new Battleforce. This force includes ten Neophyte Hybrids, a Goliath Rockgrinder, ten Purestrain Genestealers, an Abominant that comes with a Mindwyrm Familiar, and five Aberrants. The new Combat Patrol is aimed towards fans of smaller scale battles. It contains five vehicular units, five Hybrid Metamorphs, and a Achilles Rockrunner all led by a Jackal Alpha that supports the team with sniper fire. 

  1. Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – Mechanicum

The Priesthood of Mars are getting their chance to appear on the battlefield with the Mechanicum Battle Group. There are six units of cyborgs wielding lightning guns, as well as various specialty weapons. This is another highly mobile force as each Thallax is equipped with a jetpack. This unit won’t release until later this year, but their rules can already be found in the Liber Mechanicum. 

  1. Legions Imperialis – The Devastation of Tallarn

Legions Imperialis allows players to take part in some of the biggest battles of The Horus Heresy. The Devastation of Tallarn is a supplement that shows how an agri-world was turned into a desert. It includes forty pages of lore that shows the effects as the Iron Hands invade, battle for Sapphire City, and armored combat. There are rules to run different campaign types within the Legions Imperialis framework. Both traitor and loyalist forces are represented within these campaigns. The Northern Desolation campaign recreates the pitched battle between the Sightless Warren forces and Rachab Fortress. It also introduces a new “Fog of War” mechanic that can mask a force’s approach or imitate virus storms. Spearhead Assault brings three new missions where entire armored armies can be deployed. There are a total of nine new units; four new units for the Legiones Astartes and six units for the Solar Auxilia.

  1. Necromunda – Hive Secundus

This is a self-contained dungeon crawl through a fallen city riddled with Genestealers whose bodies have been twisted by the destruction of Secundus, and more. Players take on the role of Tek Hunters who risk their lives searching the quarantined city for treasure. Hive Secundus contains two complete gangs from three factions. Two Orrus Spyre Hunters that can be built with a wide range of weaponry along with Van Saar specialists with even more weapons, equipment, and skills.  The campaign links two players trying to infiltrate as far as possible into the infested city. The Spyrers are out for glory, while the House Van Saar hunters are set on plundering datacores. The box will contain bulkhead terrain sprue containing barricades and doors, a 176 page rulebook, token board, two double-sided paper gaming mats, 16 dice, templates, range rulers, and 88 cards.

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