Deadpool and Wolverine official teaser reaction

When Disney took over 20th Century Fox, many were worried that the beloved merc with a mouth would lose his edge, with the mouse zipping it shut like in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine.’ But the first tease for Deadpool 3, officially titled ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’ should remove those fears, with a fittingly adult and meta take on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s a delightful trailer, giving a small hint of what audiences can expect in July.

The trailer begins with Deadpool celebrating his birthday with all the friends he’s made along the way, and cherishing the scene. It’s a touching moment, reminding audiences that underneath all the foul insults and juvenile language, there really is a family there.

But this, unfortunately, doesn’t last long, as the doorbell rings with the Time Variance Authority at the door, presumably unhappy with Deadpool’s antics at the end of ‘Deadpool 2.’ It’s a shocking moment and will make Loki fans snap to attention. It seems this takes place before the events of ‘Loki’, but it’s not clear yet.

Deadpool having to deal with the time bureaucracy will be hilarious on its own, and the trailer hints at what that will look like. Wade Wilson will have his own Mobius in Matthew Macfadyen’s Paradox, who wants to make Deadpool a hero, something he’s famously never been. The TVA seems suspiciously friendly in this trailer, paradoxical to their prior appearances. But later shots tease that the TVA will fight Wade, confirming a villainous turn at some point. Alioth makes a brief appearance, teasing the idea that the Fox universe will be erased by the TVA, supported by ruined Fox logos.

There is the typical fourth-wall-breaking comedy, for example, Deadpool proudly proclaims “I…am…Marvel…Jesus” riffing on Tony Stark’s last words, a typically morbid and Deadpool thing to do. Paradox amusingly rolls his eyes. Meta-comedy is Deadpool’s domain, and it’s still as funny as ever. Deadpool also hints at the MCU changing forever with his arrival, which is true. He and Captain America would be hilarious to watch. The new suit has colours that pop even more, with smooth suit-up sections and gunplay.

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine makes only the briefest of appearances, but it’s a meaningful one. He is a background character in one shot and only a shadow in the next, but it shows that when he meets Wolverine, they will fight. Maybe he doesn’t recognise Wade to start with or is used to a different version of him.

Across some of the shots, one character looks like a Doctor Doom with thrown together gear, presumably an alternate version and one that will get killed quickly. The film sounds like it will have plenty of cameos in it, which makes sense if they’re snapshots of other realities. This might be how the villain fits into everything, as they haven’t been revealed yet.

The trailer is a great introduction to ‘Deadpool and Wolverine,’ holding just the right back but showing what needs to be shown. The TVA make their big screen debut, and the MCU is threatened by the merc with a mouth, but there’s enough held back to foster a sense of curiosity and intrigue.

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