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Cyber Manhunt Is A Fun Adventure Game In A Grim Setting

Cyber Manhunt put you in the role of an “investigator” for a shady intelligence computer, Titan. Gameplay involves gathering clues from social media, assuming another’s identity, and even phishing. These clues will be gathered into a file which can be used to crack each case. Each one is mostly unrelated, but the game offers an uncomfortable look at just how much of ourselves is at someone’s fingertips. Dark topics are brought up in these cases. Cyber Manhunt looks at the ugly things behind sometimes beautiful facades. It’s a strong narrative game that makes each story hit home, but also leaves players excited to get into the next case. 

Gamer’s Tales

Important info is highlighted, though it can be frustrating to find. Some clues can’t be collected until the cursor has hovered over it. It’s not always obvious what players are expected to find. It means that what is found will be collected in a “notebook”, but the game offers no system to track how many (if any) clues are still left. There is also a time limit that adds another layer of difficulty. Cyber Manhunt may not be an easy entry point for new adventure game fans, but it balances its challenging aspects well enough.

Though there is an overarching story, that might not be enough incentive for a replay. This is not due to lack of content. There’s five base game chapters as well as two additional DLC chapters. The game can have slow loading times that can ruin immersion. Dialogue is voiced though there are typos scattered throughout the entire text. The game’s UI is modernized and has cut scenes, but the playing experience is hampered by its Point-and-Click limits. There are some puzzles and mini games that fans familiar with the genre will recognize right away. This can be a plus as the game doesn’t unnecessarily reinvent the wheel with its mechanics. That makes it easy to get started without too many overwhelming tutorials. 

Cyber Manhunt is a game that can be recommended with Caveats. It can be played on PC, Switch, and mobile so even if puzzle games aren’t a go-to genre you can pick it up anywhere. Its story gets disturbing at points and the player does some scummy things to ultimately catch worse people. Even when it’s clear where things are going, seeing things unfold can hit uncomfortably close to home. While simultaneously leaving a feeling of satisfaction as the right clues are pieced together. Anyone who wants to get immersed in their role as a hacker tracking a whole city may want to try out this game. Its sequel Cyber Manhunt 2: New World is currently in early access, if you still need more when the credits roll.

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