Artemis 1 SLS Rocket and crew vehicle Orion closer to launch

Article by Owen Cotter. Instagram @OwenCCotter

It’s been fifty years since humanity has traveled to our closest satellite the Moon.

Currently, we have yet to go back to the lunar surface and go on to Mars and beyond.

However, recent NASA officials have said the Artemis 1 moon

rocket’s most recent “Wet dress rehearsal” was a complete success and are hopeful the

mission can get off the ground as soon as late August or possibly early September.

The first launch of the SLS which stands for (Space Launch System) will be an uncrewed

test mission around the moon. Down the road, the Orion capsule will host a crew, and

eventually, NASA plans to land back on the surface of the Moon to stay.

NASA’s Tom Whitmeyer stated:

“At this point, we’ve determined that we have successfully completed the evaluations

and required work we intended to complete for the dress rehearsal,” Tom Whitmeyer,

deputy associate administrator for Common Exploration Systems at NASA headquarters,

said on Friday’s call. He added that NASA teams now have the “go-ahead to proceed”

with preparations for Artemis 1’s launch.

All of us here at SciFiction are extremely excited to hear that the Artemis 1 mission has

been given the go-ahead.

Space exploration, colonization, and the many scientific

breakthroughs yet to be discovered is a very fascinating prospects of the tireless work

NASA is conducting. Here’s hoping one day soon we can land humans back on the

moon, and build moon bases where people can live, and work. Bases that are equipped

with laboratories where cutting-edge research and development can find cures and

solve many of the challenges here on earth.

Image via CNET

Godspeed Artemis program! Here’s to a successful launch, and to many more

to come!!

Quoting German-born Physicist Wernher von Braun

“Exploring the outer reaches of space no longer seemed a

fantastical dream, but an inevitable reality.”

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