Alien: Romulus Trailer Reaction

As its release date of August 16 approaches, a new trailer has been released for ‘Alien: Romulus’, which gives us an idea of what to expect from the movie.

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The seventh movie in the ‘Alien’ franchise, ‘Romulus’ looks like it might be going back to an older style of Alien movie, similar to the first one way back in 1979. The movie is set in the time period between ‘Alien’ and ‘Aliens’, and follows a group of young colonists who are traveling through the depths of space looking for a new world to populate, and find themselves facing one of the deadliest creatures in the galaxy.

The whole trailer is giving off horror vibes, with long shots of dark, claustrophobic corridors and a feeling of dread which bears a clear resemblance to Ridley Scott’s original movie. It definitely looks like it’s returning to its roots, with several shots that callback to the 1979 film, such as the Xenomorph’ ‘s acid blood burning through the hull of the ship.

Another important aspect is its young cast. They’re shown trying their best to deal with the alien but are clearly out of their depth here, which could hint that the movie will take some inspiration from the teen horror genre.

There’s no indication yet as to what the title means. In mythology, Romulus was one of the founders of Rome, who was saved by a wolf alongside his twin brother Remus, and would later build the great city by the river Tiber. There doesn’t seem to be anything that ties in to any of these aspects in the trailer.

It’s possible that this movie will tie in to recent entries like ‘Prometheus’, but given its placement in the franchise’s timeline, it will have to be careful to avoid upsetting any previously established events, particularly what happens in ‘Aliens’.

From everything shown here, it looks like the movie will be a dark and gory horror flick, which might be the best thing for the franchise at this point. The last couple of films have tried to be more philosophical, establishing the origins of the Xenomorphs as a species, which doesn’t fit well into this kind of franchise. Director Fede Alvarez is best known for his work on horror and slasher films like ‘Evil Dead’ from 2013, so it fits that he’ll bring his own style to the series, and hopefully breathe some new life into it.

Alien: Romulus will be released in theaters on August 16, 2024.

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