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‘Alien: Romulus’ is the next instalment in the franchise, and it’s going back to its horror roots with a suspenseful trailer showcasing an all new cast getting killed off by an all new Xenomorph and facehuggers in a dark hallway. It’s dark and tense looking, everything an ‘Alien’ film should be.

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There will be an all new cast of characters in the film, ready to take on the deadly Xenomorph. Which the trailer cleverly avoids showing, banking on the idea that the monster is at its scariest when it remains unseen. This builds suspense and terror, which helps tie it more closely to the horror of the original and not the action sensibilities of ‘Aliens.’

But the Xenomorph won’t be alone in its hunt for humans. There are plenty of facehuggers in the trailer, darting after one of the protagonists in a dark hallway. It will be a terrifying moment, after all these creatures are in some ways worse than the Xenomorph. It seems they will be a prominent threat to contend with.

The film will also be removing some of the complicated lore that previous entries and focusing on the horror and gore that the first ‘Alien’ film is known for. Romulus is referring to a series of experiments that the station was responsible for running, but clearly they went very very wrong.

The title will be linked to the Romulus and Remus myth from Ancient Rome. It’s unclear what it means beyond that however, and what links this has to the characters. It’s one of the most intriguing parts of the film.

There are plenty of practical effects in the film, something that’s been much touted about. It’s for the better too, as it gives the it a sense of realness. It harkens back to the original ‘Alien’ film with the retro-futuristic design. It’s great to see even in this modern age of CGI.

‘Alien: Romulus’ will be released in cinemas on August 16, 2024.

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