Ahsoka episode 4 review

‘Ahsoka’ episode four delighted with its thrill ride of an episode, delivering amazing action, dialogue, and strong themes that thrust the series into a new phase. All the villains get to shine in this episode, and at the end, there are two stunning reveals that will have major consequences.

The episode is very lightsaber-heavy, with Sabine and Ahoka dueling Marrok, Baylan, and Shin. The choreography is great, with it clear what’s going on. Ahsoka is often calm and purposeful with her strikes, Marrok has an aggressive method, attempting to use the Inquisitor’s signature lightsaber to pull Ahsoka off guard, Shin has a furious intensity and Baylan has a slow, methodical approach. Sabine is still clearly a novice, but she’s beginning to incorporate her Mandalorian technology into her fighting style which is great to see.

Another area this episode excels is in its themes and dialogue. There is very much a theme of working together in this episode, with the villains managing to perfect their teamwork. Each of them has assigned roles, and because all of them perform them that’s why they succeed in splitting up the heroes and then fulfilling their overall goals.

Ahsoka and Sabine, by contrast, fail because they’re unable to work together. They do at the start, but after Marrok is defeated Ahsoka becomes blinded by her goals, doesn’t help Sabine, and ultimately leaves her. Marrok’s identity is also revealed in this episode, and while it’s a surprise, the reveal isn’t a disappointment. Dave Filoni clearly wanted a cool-looking henchman and communicated his strength to the audience by making him an Inquisitor.

Baylan Skoll is a standout character in the episode. Ray Stevenson gives him a sense of sadness, that he doesn’t want to attack Ahsoka. His character still has a reverence for the Jedi Order. His past is very intriguing, especially because he hints that he knows who Darth Vader is.

This is where the shocking twists of the episode come into play. During Ahsoka’s duel with Baylan, Shin returns to the map, making Ahsoka think that Sabine is dead. It causes Ahsoka to give in to the Dark Side and slam Shin against a rock. This shows Ahsoka does care for Sabine, even though she doesn’t want to admit it. Shin’s fate causes Baylan to throw his calm and go into a rage. His attachment to Shin has been clear throughout. His rage pushes Ahsoka off a cliff, a shocking moment.

What’s even more shocking is the moment that follows. Sabine runs up to the rock, threatening to destroy the map. Baylan though, twists her attachment to Ezra and asks Sabine to join him on their journey. And Sabine goes through with it. Every ‘Star Wars’ has the join me moment, and this is that for the show. Shin clearly isn’t happy about this development, hinting at jealousy inherent to the Dark Side.

The Eye of Sion leaves for Peridea, but not before having a run-in with the New Republic. And by run-in, it’s really more of a run-over, as Morgan Elsbeth ignores the fighters, and jumps through them to lightspeed. ‘The Last Jedi’ has shown audiences what a hyperspace collision looks like, and it’s similarly as devastating. Jacen Syndulla exclaims he has a bad feeling and while is a bit on the nose but not out of line for the situation.

The final bombshell of the episode is that it’s revealed Ahsoka is actually in the mysterious World Between Worlds and is face to face with Hayden Christensen’s Anakin Skywalker. This moment is huge, and it’s amazing to see them on-screen together in live-action, something fans of the animated shows never thought they’d see.

One final point that should be raised is the use of the Volume. While it’s been criticized in recent years for looking fake, in ‘Ahsoka’ this isn’t the case. A few standout shots include the clifftop duel in the star map, and the Eye of Sion racing through the atmosphere. It’s proof that when used with care, the Volume can be effective.

Even without the shocking reveals at the end, this episode of ‘Ahsoka’ is easily the best of the series so far. And the show looks like it will only get better from here.

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