Actor Don Cheadle hints at War Machine’s role in Secret Invasion

War Machine actor Don Cheadle said his character has a more restricted role in the upcoming show Secret Invasion.

In an interview with Empire Magazine, Cheadle said “Rhodey’s got a new role in this one.”

Rhodey has taken up a desk job for Dermot Mulroney’s US President Ritson, leaving his War Machine suit behind. 

He’s more limited in how he can help Samuel. L. Jackson’s Nick Fury, even arguing with him. 

“Our very first scene is Rhodey and Nick Fury locking horns.” Cheadle said.

He clarified that Rhodey won’t be a bad guy in the show. 

“Rhodey isn’t an adversary, but he’s being more adversarial than they have been before. That’s always been Rhodey’s cross to bear. Is he going to stay within the confines of being a military man following the chain of command, or is he going outside the box?”

Neither trailer for Secret Invasion has revealed what this new relationship will look like. 

Rhodey has always been closely associated with the US military and President in the MCU. 

In Iron Man 3, he took up the mantle of Iron Patriot to protect US President Ellis, a role he subsequently left.

The last time audiences saw Rhodey, he gave advice to Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

It isn’t clear if US President Ritson will survive the show, as by the time of Captain America: New World Order, Harrison Ford’s Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross will occupy the position. 

Rhodey’s role in Secret Invasion will lead into the upcoming Armor Wars film, which is about Stark technology ending up in the wrong hands.  

Secret Invasion will see Fury trying to stop the shape-shifting Skrulls, as a splinter group tries to take over Earth.

It will be six episodes long, and will be released on Disney+ starting June 21.

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