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I was just recently shown this amazing music!

This music was made using vintage synthesizers which creates a special retro scifi style. Inspired by Jean Michel Jarre - especially his music of the 70’s! These great tunes were produced by SYNESTEM,

I always enjoy cool music like this, and I hope you get a chance to listen to this, and enjoy it as well!!

~The Captain OC

For more info:

With todays official blu ray release of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises coming out I thought Id share my personal favorite scene from the film!!

(Warning Spoilers)

In this scene after Batman saves Gotham, we see Gordon-Levitt’s character going to the Batcave. Meanwhile we see Alfred played by Michael Cain going in to an cafe and sitting down.

Earlier in the movie Alfred told Bruce Wayne, that he used to envision going to this little cafe, and sitting down and he would look across from him, and there would be Bruce with his wife eating.
Alfred and Bruce would glance at each other and they would simply acknowledge that Bruce had finally found happiness.

I personally think this is a most interesting take on the Batman mythology. After all Batman is a symbol, so in conclusion Batman could be anyone!

Enjoy!! :)

~The Captain OC