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Hey everyone!

I was recently shown this. It’s a new online superchannel!!

This brilliant channel called (Multiverse) has everything from science fiction, fantasy, superheroes, and the Paranormal

Captained by Fleet Commander Warwick Davis - legendary star of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Hitchhiker’s Guide, Willow and Jack the Giant Slayer, The Multiverse is THE channel for fans of Sci-Fi, Superheroes, Paranormal and Fantasy, and home to Chronicles of Syntax (C.o.S.).

After viewing the above trailer, I personal can’t wait to see what things Multiverse has in store!!

Enjoy!! :)

~The Captain OC

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I recently viewed this incredible documentary above called The Sci-Fi Boys.

The film discusses the evolution of science-fiction and special effects films from the early days including past classics such as King Kong, to modern films like the Star Wars saga!

In the film you meet several interesting people that got interested in sci-fi as kids, and grew up to be many of todays leading directors, producers, and special effects wizards in the film industry!!

You also are familiarized with a man named Forrest J Ackerman.

For many of you that may not know Mr. Ackerman was the man who created
“Famous Monsters Magazine”, and was an super cool guy in my opinion!!

You also are taken through several of the individuals vast collections of iconic screen used memorabilia, and collectibles. One specific man in the movie who owns the actual “Robby the Robot” from the 50’s science fiction classic Forbidden Planet!!

I must say this is one of the most fun, and informative films I’ve seen in quite sometime!

I very much enjoyed this documentary, and most certainly recommend this film for your viewing pleasure!!

Enjoy!! :)

~The Captain OC

This is probably one of, if not perhaps my all time favorite movie involving the paranormal, and ghosts etc. I have enjoyed this film forever!!

As a kid I remember getting a first print VHS of this back, in the 80’s.
My interest and genuine passion for this absolute classic started there, and never ended.

I used to watch both Ghostbuster films all the time throughout childhood, every cartoon series developed, including the Slimer cartoon based off everyones favorite class 5 full roaming vapor!

As a antique collector I was also able to track down some of the most difficult memorabilia from this franchise which I love so dearly!!

All in all the first movie probably is my favorite, not saying the second is bad either. Its just like they captured lighting in a bottle as the saying goes with the first one!!

Everything flowed so perfectly, the humor was off the scale, and when things needed to be serious they weren’t to much, so the actors could play off each other by cutting jokes, or saying insane catchphrases like “Don’t cross the streams!” or the one about “Total particle reversal!”.

Such a classic film, and if for some strange reason you have never seen this superb piece of cinematic brilliance, I highly recommend doing so!!!

Enjoy!! :-)

~The Captain OC

One of my all time personal favorite movies!! Ash played by actor Bruce Campbell time travels back to Medieval times from the 20th century.

Armed with only his shotgun aka (boomstick), a chainsaw, and his car filled with science books, and various other items. He and the locals gear up for an intense battle with the undead Army of darkness!!

An absolute hilarious film, chocked full of cliches and even geek humor. A piece of cool trivia about this classic early 90’s Horror film is there is more than one ending.

Upon watching the bootleg copy, which I own personally it is clear by viewing the
(alternate ending) that Ash, never makes it back to his own time. Instead he awakens to find he overslept, and the world lay in ruins. Either way such a fantastic movie and a must see!!!

Enjoy!! :)

~The Captain OC