About has a rich history as a Hugo and Nebula award-winning SciFi literary project formerly owned by the SyFy Channel, and is now set to become the premiere destination for all things SciFi and beyond! showcases geek-chic news, reviews, interviews, events and articles, and publishes the works of relevant artists and authors. has over 60 thousand subscribers and is presently negotiating contracts with numerous top Hollywood studios to showcase and promote film and television projects along with exclusive actor interviews and behind the scenes journalism. is owned and operated by Bryant McGill, Owen Cotter and Jenni Young.

History and Future: was an on-line magazine which ran from 2000 to 2005, and at one time, was the leading science fiction magazine in the world. After lengthy negotiations, the brand was acquired by Bryant McGill who partnered with Owen Cotter and Jenni Young to redevelop the platform and brand. McGill, a social entrepreneur and activist has an interest in using the genre to promote more positive visions of an egalitarian and cooperative future to the youth. The SciFiction team will be using McGill & Young’s community of over one-million digital-subscribers reaching 50 million people per month as a “booster rocket” to launch into orbit using their newly finished WordChirp publishing platform. The team is presently reaching out to industry leaders and leveraging their extensive relationships in the entertainment business to build a thriving social publishing venue for the science fiction community.

Owen Cotter, Co-Founder & Spokesman
Bryant McGill, Co-Founder & Editor
Jenni Young, Co-Founder & Advisor