Interview with Screenwriter Marc Scott Zicree

Space Command Creator and Saturn Award Winner

Interview with Space Command creator, and saturn award winning writer/screenwriter Marc Scott Zicree

In this in depth interview we will be talking about his recent trip to San Diego Comic Con where he showcased the first half hour of Space Command: Redemption which is a retro sci-fi series starring many well known science fiction stars.

We discuss his upcoming trip to the Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas put on by CreationEnt, where he is a guest and panelist on the 25th anniversary Star Trek: DS9 panel. The event will be screening the episode he wrote “Far beyond the stars” with live Q&A. He will be joined by several of the actors from the series as well on stage.

Marc talks about his new updated version of the “Twilight Zone Companion” which has all kinds of new and never before seen things pertaining to the hit science fiction classic.

Also discussed is his extensive background in television and film, and we talk about his thoughts on some of the most recent sci-fi shows, and more!!

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