Interview with science fiction and fantasy author Timothy Zahn

Filmed on location at ICCC in Tennessee.

In this interview I talk with Timothy about his novels including his very popular “Heir to the Empire” Trilogy based on Star Wars Legends continuity taking place approximately five years after the events depicted in the 1983 Star Wars film Return of the Jedi. He has also done seven more Star Wars books in that era. As well as a new “Thrawn” Trilogy of three more books.
His character of “Grand Admiral Thrawn” has also been in Star Wars Rebels and according to producer Dave Filoni Thrawn, and the character of Ezra Bridger are alive and well and what becomes of Thrawn is now in the hands of Filoni for the time being.
Timothy also talks in detail about how he got into writing “Star Wars” books, as well as this being the 40th Anniversary of his career.
Lastly he talks about the message that he would like individuals and readers to take from his work, as well as upcoming events he will be at here soon.
Media Credits: Kris Skoda, Benji Graham, Garrison Woods

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