Last night I watched this absolutely amazing documentary called Indie Game!!

In the film, it showcases several indie game developers, and there incredible games.

One of the gentleman you will meet is Phil Fish an indie developer celebrity.
This is because his game was first announced at IGF 2008.

When we meet Phil he has already spent several years working on his game entitled Fez.

Fez is about a character that lives in a 2D world, but when he comes across a magical artifact, and puts on his famous fez hat he now is transported to the real world that is 3D. The game is pure genius, in that it allows the player to repair the 2D world, by getting it back to its three dimensional reality!!

You will also meet Edmund McMillen and programmer Jonathan McEntee, the duo responsible for the absolutely sensational, and brilliant game I might add called Super Meat Boy!!

Super meat boy is about a little boy with no skin, who is on a quest to rescue his girlfriend from the games nemesis an evil mastermind who wears a monocle. Since meat boys girlfried is made of bandages. She completes him as his other half, because she has the ability to heal him more or less.

Another one of the amazing game developers is Jonathan Blow. He is the man who created the super cool game Braid.

In the game Braid the character is a young boy dressed in prep clothing, who goes through adventures in an incredibly imaginative and visually interesting world! One of the most unique aspects of this game is the player, can rewind the game in realtime on the screen via a time travel like feature. So in other words you can mess with time, and space in the game.

I throughly enjoyed this movie, and highly recommend viewing it!! Those who are into, or just getting into video game development would be urged to, because it is very informative on the subject, and the lifestyle involved in the sometimes years it can take to create such games.

If you enjoy the trailer, feel free to check it out! :)

~The Captain OC