Jeff Rector

Jeff Rector is the President and Festival Director for the Burbank International Film Festival September 5th - 9th 2012. The Festival is accepting submissions through June 15th 2012 at Genre categories include Thriller, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror films. (check out last years event).
As an actor, Jeff guest-starred on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Sliders and several movies for SYFY. Jeff wrote, directed & produced the dark vampire comedy Revamped and currently Hosts and Executive Produces the webseries SFN: Science Fiction News. He also created and Hosted 80 episodes of the genre Radio Show,
“Out There” with Jeff Rector. If that’s not enough, Jeff is also the official spokesman for the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films that produce the annual Saturn Awards.

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Xscapes Sci-Fi Originals headed by Scott Nakada deals in high end original movie and tv prop replicas. Having witnessed the extreme quality, and accuracy of Xscapes creations, I must say they are by far one of the leading movie and tv prop companies around. Xscapes also designed and built all the futuristic prop hand phasers, and gadgets for the film Star Trek Gods and men, directed by Tim Russ.

Montuori Models

I recently ran into a very talented gentlemen. He specializes in pro built display Star Trek LED lighted models with sound effects, and has been modeling for over 40yrs. If your looking for a top notch model, then look no further than Montuori Models.

~The Captain OC

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