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Interview with Julian of Yes Anime.

In this interview I talk with Julian of Yes Anime. Inc. which is a major distribution company that specializes in Anime, Comics, Movies, Hobby & Pop Culture, Action Figures, Plush Toys, and much much more!! Also in this show we discuss Play Imaginative’s upcoming Super Alloy Iron Man Collectible Figures from the hit Marvel movie Iron Man 3!

Interview with the WALL-E builders club

Interview with the WALL-E builders club
where we discuss the creation methods, and process involved in building these life size replicas of the iconic robot featured in the Pixar animation film!! We also talk about the construction techniques in creating the R2-D2 Astromech droid’s from the Star Wars movies!!

Episode 6

In this episode I will be talking with Sloane U’Ren award winning British-American Director about her new science fiction film entitled DIMENSIONS! We will be discussing a vast array of interesting topics. Tune in and enjoy! :)


Episode 4

Part One

Indepth interview with my good buddy Francisco Pinochet who is a business and technology consultant. Come and join me in this episode as we discuss a multitude of topics ranging from current events and trends that will blow your mind away!


Episode 3

In this show Ill be interviewing Huston Huddleston of where we will be discussing his amazing project which involves the restoration of the Enterprise bridge from Star Trek The Next Generation!!