Checkout this brilliant retro- futuristic science fiction project entitled
(The Fifth Dimension) by the extremely talented Justin Benzel!!

For more info about this amazing project, and how you can be apart go to

The 5th Dimension Kickstarter:

I was just recently shown this amazing music!

This music was made using vintage synthesizers which creates a special retro scifi style. Inspired by Jean Michel Jarre - especially his music of the 70’s! These great tunes were produced by SYNESTEM,

I always enjoy cool music like this, and I hope you get a chance to listen to this, and enjoy it as well!!

~The Captain OC

For more info:

I recently stumbled upon this fantastic independent film called Robots of Brixton!

This visually stunning short film takes place in Brixton an inner city where Robots call there home.

I was blown away at how great not only the Cgi effects were, but the deep story that was portrayed, and carried out by these cgi robots.


The film follows the trials and tribulations of young robots surviving at the sharp end of inner city life, living the predictable existence of a populous hemmed in by poverty, disillusionment and mass unemployment. When the Police invade the one space which the robots can call their own, the fierce and strained relationship between the two sides explodes into an outbreak of violence echoing that of 1981.

I enjoyed this film, from not only an intellectual standpoint but in general as a creative expression of liberty, rights, and personal freedom.

Enjoy!! :)

~The Captain OC

Prophet Of Science Fiction is probably my new favorite show!!

In this episode it discusses the life and works, of Jules Verne the father of science fiction!!

It takes you from going to the moon, to flying in the sky, to plunging 20,000 leagues under the sea, and much more!

This intimate look into Jules life is very informative, and is full of movie clips, interviews, and special effects sequences!!

However me being a man of peace the part about the “Tazer” was a good bit disturbing, since that modern technology used to inflict pain on people was made a reality based on the electronic bullets in Jules novel 20,000 Leagues under the sea.

I was very fascinated to say the least about the water and hydrogen being used in cell engines as an alternative revolutionary modern day fuel/energy source!! That part alone reveals the superb technologies that can be developed via inspirations from science fiction!

Using pure water as an energy source is an incredible way in my opinion to restore our planet to acceptable living conditions, with a much healthier, and cleaner environment.

All in all this particular episode blew me away at how fun, and interesting it was to watch. I felt like a kid in a candy store!!!

Having said this in conclusion I totally recommend you check this out as well!!

Enjoy!! :)

~The Captain OC

Hello everyone,

I just found this amazing episode of an show called “Prophets Of Science Fiction.”

In this particular episode, it discusses the life, and writings of HG Wells, and has several interviews with people like Sir Ridley Scott who was responsible for such films as Alien, Bladerunner, and Prometheus, and also theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku!

This show is absolutely incredible, and I highly recommend viewing it especially if you never have before!!

Enjoy!! :)

~The Captain OC