Interview with visual effects wizard Adam Marisett.

In this episode I will be interviewing visual effects wizard Adam Marisett.

Adam has many credits including work on all three “Iron Man” movies and “Thor” for Marvel Entertainment. He is currently in the process of developing a script based off his incredible scifi short film entitled AMP.

Join us as we discuss his film, his passion for movie magic, and beyond!

For more info about AMP follow the link below.

Interview with the WALL-E builders club

Interview with the WALL-E builders club
where we discuss the creation methods, and process involved in building these life size replicas of the iconic robot featured in the Pixar animation film!! We also talk about the construction techniques in creating the R2-D2 Astromech droid’s from the Star Wars movies!!

Recently stumbled upon this incredible clip. Haven’t seen this in years!!

This clip is taken from the computer animation odyssey The Gate To The Mind’s Eye.

For those of you, who haven’t seen this amazing film its out of this world cool!!
Thomas Dolby does music for the film. Even though the CGI animations, are dated this film is a test to the earlier animation styles of the 90’s, and how cool they still are!!

Enjoy!! :)

~The Captain OC

Hello everyone,

I just had to share this. I was recently shown the awesome trailer for Angry Birds Star Wars!!

As many of you know Angry birds is the hit video game series that has taken the world by storm.

Now one of science fictions greatest franchises has been combined with the games characters, to make one of the most interesting, and funniest things I’ve ever seen!!

Its unlike anything in your galaxy!!

Enjoy!!! :)

~The Captain OC