This year is the 35th Anniversary of Battlestar Galactica!

First airing in 1978 and created by Glen A. Larson this groundbreaking Science Fiction series, takes place in an distant part of the galaxy and follows the adventures of “brothers of man” who come from a group of planets known as the Twelve Colonies, to which they have migrated from their ancestral homeworld of Kobol.

The shows nemesis was a race of cybernetic robot creatures known as the Cylons.
The Cylons main objective is to destroy all human life!

A man named Baltar helps the Cylons carry out a massive attack on the Twelve Colonies and on the Colonial Fleet of starships that protect them. These attacks devastate the Colonial Fleet, lay waste to the Colonies, and virtually destroy their populations. Scattered survivors flee into outer space aboard available spaceships.

Commander Adama leads the fugitive fleet of survivors across the stars, in search of the fabled thirteenth colony known as Earth.

Thirty five years ago today on May 25th 1977 Director/Producer George Lucas
premiered his Sci-Fi classic STAR WARS. Set long long ago in a galaxy far far away,
the movie is a tale of good vs evil, but more importantly a story of finding oneself
in a galaxy ruled by a Imperialistic Empire. Luke Skywalker a young farm boy who’s aunt and uncle are murdered by Imperial forces, decides his best option is to leave home.

He joins an mysterious old man named Obi Wan Kenobi on a quest to another planet called Alderaan. He soon realizes that he’s in for an adventure of a lifetime!
His quest to find himself and his purpose, leads him to learning the ways of the force
a energy field that binds the galaxy together, and ultimately becoming a keeper of peace and justice aka a Jedi Knight. As a huge fan of the Star Wars saga, and of science fiction I highly recommend seeing Star Wars if you never have!

~The Captain OC

Happy 35th Anniversary Star Wars!!!

May the force be with you!

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